Tuesday, January 10, 2006

happy birthday patricia mae andrzejewski!

...or "this is how i feel this morning".

just so you know, it really is pat benatar's birthday. i swear you can wikipedia it like i did (out of sheer and desperate sleep deprivation)...

and judging from all the trivia i found: in 1986, pat benatar was the age that i am now. she had only been a mom for about a year and her seventh album, seven the hard way, had just been released. (i don't know this album, but the hit song off of it was that (sadly) overplayed anthemic theme, invincible, from the 80s film, the legend of billie jean. ) i also found out that pat sells stuff through an ebay seller called belchiasso - so, now you too can own a piece o' pat!

anyway, i did all the useless background research because i just looked up from the monitor and saw the pat benatar cd that i got as a christmas present. i haven't even opened it yet.

who hasn't opened a christmas present as of january 10th? crispy fried moms, that's who.

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