Thursday, January 12, 2006

ok, i WAS going to make pork chops & applesauce tonight...

taiwan breeds green glowing pigs (and yes, i know i am the only one who snorted when i read the article's author's name.)

i wonder what one of those would look like getting roasted for lechon. y'know, i bet the packers fans would shell out some serious clams for a glowing green brat.

so, yeah... i think k'zilla would prefer mac and cheese tonight anyway.


Barb said...

Why would they even try to breed a glowing pig? I mean, what's the point? Who would eat it? Not me.

My mom didn't realize she was out of red food coloring while making tocino. She used green instead, and trust me, it does not look at all appetizing.

mamazilla said...

OOO... green tocino - somewhere there's a dr seuss green eggs and ham spoof just waiting to be created... but i haven't slept in three days so it's not coming from me.

at this rate, i think i'd try anything. green tocino sounds like a piece of cake - i've tried haggis - nothing can be worse than that. :P

Barb said...

that's probably true. once you get over the visuals of green tocino, i'm sure it tastes fine.

my Grarrl foster pet just turned glowing. :p


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