Thursday, August 12, 2010

chasing fireflies

unlike me, my children LOVE bugs...

so it should not surprise me that they like the chasing fireflies catalog - despite the absence of actual fireflies to chase... and the over abundance of really cool kids clothes...

i just recently received the fall/winter 2010 issue. paloma likes to dogear pages of dresses she likes and then, slowly points to each one just to make sure i can knock them off for her... :)

she didn't ask for this lovely ruffle front corduroy jumper:

they had me at the silly ruffle... and corduroy... i'm such a 70s child... :)

i had some grass green corduroy in my stash and simplicity pattern 9854 for a simple jumper. it was so easy to do...

i eyeballed the ruffle and i liked the idea of making more of a bib shape to mimic the neckline... each ruffle is about 1.5" wide after turning the sides and bottom... the length is the neck measurement(s) x 1.5.

happily, paloma loves it... too bad it's a little too heavy/warm to wear while chasing fireflies... :)

thanks for reading/stopping by!


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