Tuesday, February 07, 2006

subject to interpretation...

the other day, i was talking to another mom about her son's kindergarten class and she mentioned to me that the art that they made in class was actually graded - as in - these are the best drawings! they get A's!

i don't EVER remember getting graded in art classes...
is this a new phenomenon or am i just in denial that this ever happened to me?

i mean seriously - i don't even remember getting graded for art projects in college. what's the dealio?! who grades art in kindergarten? and with what criteria? and why? i'm mildly outraged in this strange soccer/showbiz mom kind of way... wait. do those moms do anything with subtlety?

anyway, k'zilla drew this picture. y'know, she's not quite three yet. i think it's fabulous myself... but, when i ask her who it is - she'll say, "it's you!" and then 5 minutes later "it's me!" and 10 minutes later, "it's dada!" and later still, "it's lolo (grandpa)!"

well, whoever it is... it looks like he/she/it needs more practice on the loo. *cocks head to the side* or is that grass? a nest of snakes? silly string?


Wendy said...

I remember getting graded in art class, but it wasn't so much for the finished work as it was for our ability to pay attention and follow instruction. I don't know if I like them giving out grades for the level of artistic ability, especially so young!

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Looks more like "it's lolo (grandpa)!" to me from the appearance of the head and face.

I taught children Art.

She has good analytic perception.

She denoted the grassland clearly and the figure stands apart from the background.

She knew she drew a human.

Barb said...

We got graded in art (3rd through 5th, when it was required)--on the finished products! Although I have some artistic ability, the poor grades I got made me hate art class. It wasn't an encouraging environtment at all.

Mom101 said...

I would give it a B- but only because I think it's mildly derivative of Shel Silverstein. I hope by the time she's three she'll trust in her own visual style.

mamazilla said...

wendy - eggsactly! (of course, i have a hard time with criticism in my 30s...)

orikinla - i feel like i just sat thru a parent/teacher conference. i felt so unprepared...so humbled is that how it's going to feel for REAL??!!

barb - see! that's what i'm talkin' about!!!!

mom101 - dude. are you (in cahoots with orikinla?) trying to give me or my kid a complex?!

you're succeeding.

Philena Rush said...

I'm with Wendy too. I had a great art teacher. He was so popular. Everyone tried to get into his class because he gave alot of A's. But that wasn't the real reason. He knew how to focus on each of our strengths in art by how our art looked. (I hope that sounds right) I remember how much they tried to promote him, but he always refused and stayed an art teacher. But he was so good with us. Even the bad kids. ;)

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