Sunday, November 06, 2005

will someone explain to me...

"the throne" - world's most expensive loo - made of 380kg of gold & 6,200 pieces of pearls and gemstone.

what IS the deal with men and their fascination with toilets & humor involving toilets?

popzilla and i were at the grocery store yesterday. personally, i rarely use public restrooms. but, hey when ya gotta go...

anyway, we walked by the grocery's restroom door and this guy (soooo south side - btw) walks out and says smiling/sheepishly to the other guy waiting patiently outside, "dude, ya better hold yer nose before ya go in there."

of course, i'm mortified and disgusted. and i tell popzilla what "south-side-internal-plumbing- issue dude" said when he's finally out of sight/ear shot and popzilla totally starts laughing and has trouble stopping... wtf!?

ok, i guess even i can see the humor (somewhat) of the situation but C'MON! THAT'S JUST TOTALLY GROSS AND TRASHY!!!!

i was telling popzilla that i was going to blog about this and i wake up this a.m. to these news stories about toilets...

man glued to toilet seat, sues store

black toilet paper is rolling in

and just when you thought it was safe to potty train, Boy Finds Large 'Flesh-Eating' Lizard In Toilet.

y'know this totally reminds me of that tv show, jackass (insert guitar twangs here). almost every guy i know loves that tv show and the movie. i've never seen/met so many men willing to explore/expose their fascination for poo and porta-potties (poo hug, poo poo platters, poo cocktails, turning porta-potties over, making porta-potties explode). it's amazing to me that the vast majority of men, who are so enamored with fecal material, are chicken sh*ts when it comes to dealing with dirty stinky diapers.

i dunno... this is just one of the many mysteries surrounding the archipelago of men in my life.

oh, and another thing... whatever you do, don't do a googe image search for toilets. *SHIVERS*

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Ams said...

I can't believe people would pay so much for something they shit in.


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