Tuesday, November 01, 2005

like music to his ears...

i was just reminded of a conversation i had with popzilla not too long ago:

PZ: y'know, how you think i don't listen to what your saying?
MZ: you mean how you never remember anything i tell you?
PZ: yeah. well i just heard that womens voices are like music to mens ears. so, it's not that i'm not listening to you, it's that i'm processing your voice like music. maybe it goes in one ear and out the other?
MZ: really. and where did you hear this little tidbit of news?
PZ: the *mumble mumble* show
MZ: the what show?
PZ: i heard about it on howard stern.
MZ: *rolls eyes*

well, i was curious and so i googled and the news story/research did actually come up...
yeah, good effort, guyville, but no cigar...

on a related note, did you know that charlie brown's teacher's (mrs. donovan) "waw-waw-waw" voice was actually made with a trombone?

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