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Chicago Pinoy Update

i get these update emails about pinoy happennings in chicago and i hate to admit it but they get lost in the melange of emails and spam. so, i figure i should park 'em here. they're really packed full of stuff re: the goings on of chicago pinoys. if you'd like to receive the updates contact edwin directly at

NOVEMBER 3-6, 2005


Slow Jam King (U.S.; 2004; 109 minutes)
Dir: Steven Mallorca
Making its festival return to Chicago, this comic road movie features Jojo,

a self-styled "Filipino Warrior" whose dreams of street credibility find him
on the run from the law with his best friend Devaun and a traveling perfume
salesman named Vance. Award-winning filmmaker Steven Mallorca and his
New York-based musical group, P.I.C., wrote and performed all of the film's
hip hop, country, and slow jam tracks.

Preceded by new videos from Chicago's own Pacifics and an award-winning

video by P.I.C.


Leave It to Chance (U.S.; 2005; 100 minutes)
Dir: Bernard Badion
Chicago Premiere. Special Appearance by Bernard Badion and other Cast and Crew
College students Charlie and Kailin are taking a little time off. While Charlie's

friends try to get him back in the game during a wild holiday break, Kailin wonders
if time off is what she really wants. Twenty-two year-old filmmaker Bernard Badion
directs this relationship comedy in which the Filipino and Asian American characters
step out from the background and into the spotlight.

10:00 p.m.
Blue Hour (U.S.; 2005; 81 minutes)
Dir: Francisco Aliwalas
Shot for under $1,000 in the streets of New York City, Francisco Aliwalas's Blue

Hour is a neo-noir amnesia thriller reminiscent of The Manchurian Candidate and
Memento. When John volunteers for a medical experiment to pay off his best friend's
gambling debts, he soon discovers he has more to fear than some ruthless loan sharks,
and finds himself in a world of paranoia and conspiracy.

Preceded by:

Bampinay (U.S.; 2003; 21 minutes)
Dir: Matthew Abaya
The festival classic Bampinay follows a Filipina vampire hunter on the trail of an

"Aswang," the traditional vampire of Filipino folklore.


Bloodlines (U.S.; 2004; 53 minutes)
Dir: James Espinas and Timothy Kiley
In 2003, filmmakers James Espinas and Timothy Kiley followed the Philippine

Medical Society of Northern California on its six-day mission to the central providence
of Ioilo, Philippines, to provide medical services to a community lacking even the
most basic healthcare needs. Note: While the film captures the mission and its many
profoundly inspirational moments, some viewers may find the depictions of serious
medical conditions and surgeries to be difficult to watch.

Presented with:
Manila BaYou: Filipinos of Louisiana (U.S.; 2004; 57 minutes)

Principal Dir: Harold Kekoa Bayang
While many are familiar with the Filipino communities on the East and West Coast,

and here in the Midwest, Manila BaYou offers a fascinating glipmpse at one of our
nation's oldest Filipino communities, and the descendants of laborers on the
Spanish galleons and other Filipino immigrants who found their way to Louisiana
as early as the late 18th Century, establishing a community that continues to thrive.


La Visa Loca (Philippines; 2005; 105 minutes; English and Tagalog with English subtitles)
Dir: Mark Meilly
Director Mark Meilly's follow-up to the 2004 hit Crying Ladies, La Visa Loca follows

the story of a limo driver struggling to get his U.S. work visa. Robin Padilla turns in
a critically acclaimed performance in the role of Jess as he takes a famous television
host on a guided tour of the idiosyncrasies of Filipino culture. Sharon Cuneta is the
executive producer of this satirical comedy.

Co-presented by Pintig Cultural Group


Panaghoy Sa Suba (Call of the River) (Philippines; 2004; 120 minutes; Visayan

with English subtitles)
Dir: Cesar Montano

Filipino superstar Cesar Montano directed and starred in Call of the River, a wartime

epic set on the island of Bohol during the turbulence of the Japanese Occupation.
Montano, who made a memorable Hollywood debut in The Great Raid, has earned
awards in the Philippines for his acting and his direction in Call of the River which
was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2005.

Preceded by:

Spotlighting (U.S.; 2005; 30 minutes)
Dir: Josh Diamond and Justin Lin

Directors Josh Diamond and Justin Lin (director of Better Luck Tomorrow and

the upcoming Annapolis) document the real-life adventures of The Sunspots, a
Filipino pop group who chased the American Dream, until they ran into the British
Invasion. Spotlighting follows the group from their days playing American bases
throughout Asia, to a whirlwind tour through the U.S. during the 1950s and '60s,
to their recent years as a Vegas lounge act. Funny and inspiring, Spotlighting
tells the story of a legend that almost was.


Cavite (U.S.; 2005; 80 minutes)
Dir: Neil De La Llana and Ian Gamazon

An independent thriller shot on location in the Philippines, Cavite follows the

story of Adam, a young Filipino American Muslim, in a dangerous journey
through the streets of Cavite that challenges his identity, his family loyalty,
and his faith. Winner of the Special Jury Award at the South By Southwest Film
Festival and the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.

Co-presented by FAAIM and the Chicago Asian American Showcase

Pinoy/Blonde (Philippines; 2005 100 minutes; Tagalog with English subtitles)
Dir: Peque Gallaga
Boy2 Quizon star in this wildly imaginative film by veteran Filipino filmmaker

Peque Gallaga. Packed with Tarantino-style references to Hollywood and Filipino
cinema, Pinoy/Blonde follows the comedic misadventures of two film school
dropouts sent on a mysterious errand into the criminal underworld. The soundtrack
includes songs by Bamboo, Radioactive Sago, and many other popular bands
from the Filipino rock scene.

Co-presented by Pintig Cultural Group

3:00 p.m.

5:00 p.m. La Visa Loca (Repeat) Co-presented by Pintig Cultural Group

7:00 p.m. Pinoy/Blonde (Repeat) Co-presented by Pintig Cultural Group

9:00 p.m. Cavite (Repeat) Co-presented by FAAIM and the Chicago Asian

American Showcase

eFYI: For more info, please check out

To purchase tickets, go to


THURSDAY, NOVEMER 3, 2005 /// 9:00PM
The Seminal presents....
The PACIFICS & Outerlimitz
@ Bill's Blues - 1029 Davis Street [Evanston, IL]
$5 cover / 18 & over
For more info:

By now, we hope you've seen the online clips of the videos, but just in case

you haven't, here they are:




Gypsy and 2004-2005 Jeff Award Nominations

Hi everyone,

Sorry for this mass email but I needed to get the word out about Porchlight's

most recent accomplishments and promote our newest hit.

We have received 10 Jeff Award Nominations for our 10th anniversary season,

the fourth most next to Marriott, Chicago Shakespeare, Steppenwolf, and beating
the Goodman, Lookingglass, Northlight, among others. More remarkably, we are up
against Wicked, currently playing at the Oriental in downtown Chicago! For those of
you who don't know what the Jeff Awards are (, they are Chicago's
Tony Awards for professional Equity theatre.

Production, Musical - Sweeney Todd; Ensemble - Closer Than Ever; Direction,

Musical - L. Walter Stearns, Sweeney Todd; Direction, Revue - Nick Bowling,
Closer Than Ever; Principal Actor, Musical - Michael Lindner, Sweeney Todd;
Principal Actress, Musical - Rebecca Finnegan, Sweeney Todd; Supporting Actor,
Musical - Peter Polhammer, Sweeney Todd; Actress, Revue - Rebecca Finnegan,
Closer Than Ever; Musical Direction - Eugene Dizon, Closer Than Ever;
Musical Direction - Eugene, Sweeney Todd

Here is the link announcing the awards:

Also, we are currently running Gypsy, which has received rave reviews.

I hope you can come see our show. We run thru November 6th -
Fridays & Saturdays @ 7:45pm, Sundays @ 3:00pm.

Directed by L. Walter Stearns

Musical Directed by Eugene Dizon

Starring the two-time Jeff Award nominee and two-time

Jeff Citation receipient, Rebecca Finnegan as Momma Rose.

Hope to see you soon.



Subject: Philippine Christmas Bazaar

Pasko sa Nayon: A Christmas Bazaar at the Rizal Center

Saturday, November 12th
11am - 4pm
Jose Rizal Heritage Center
1332 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago IL


In the Philippines, the Christmas season is already underway!

On November 12th, the Rizal Center comes alive with holiday spirit

during Pasko sa Nayon: A Christmas Bazaar at the Rizal Center! And it
all begins with an official ribbon-cutting ceremony at 11am.

Bring your family and friends to our festive bazaar where you'll have

the opportunity to purchase distinctive gifts (parols, jewelry, candles,
toys, handicrafts, etc...) while enjoying good food and entertainment!

There will be a Children's Booth where the kids can kids

make crafts while you shop.

RETAIL VENDORS: Showcase and sell your products!
AUTHORS: Autograph and sell your books!
RECORDING ARTISTS: Autograph and sell your CDs!
ARTISTS: Showcase and sell your work!
CRAFTERS: Showcase and sell your handicrafts!
REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE VENDORS: Introduce yourself to potential customers!

(Booths only $35 -- limited space, so please reserve early.)

For more information, please e-mail us at:

All proceeds donated to the Filipino American Council of Greater Chicago

for the upkeep of the Rizal Center (


From: Lani Montreal


Hey guys,

I was wondering if you'd be interested to perform for a cause and help us

raise funds for our youth theater arts program. Please see attached flier.
If you're interested, please email me and I'll send or email you the pledge
forms and other info.

Maraming, maraming salamat!

Lani T. Montreal-Bermudez



For the past four years the Center for Immigrant Resources & Community Arts (CIRCA)

has been providing creative arts workshops for immigrant and at-risk youth in
Chicago through its Youth Theater Arts Program. Held throughout the year,
the program brings together children and young adults, ages four to 18, from
various communities in Chicago to learn more about their culture and those of
others as well as develop leadership skills through drama, music, creative writing,
visual arts and movement. They learn from professional artists in the community --
actors, directors, musicians and writers -- who have a genuine love for and dedication
to working with youth and children. In the past, the program has culminated in
outstanding productions that highlight the participants' honed performance skills
as well as feature the design, directorial and writing talents of awesome immigrant artists.

This year, you'll have the opportunity to participate in this amazing community

endeavor by supporting CIRCA’s 2005 Fall Fundraising Perform-A-Thon!

Here’s how you can help…

1. Volunteer as a performer (or performers if you're a group or a band). Sing, dance,

read a monologue or poetry, do stand-up comedy, or contribute art for auction.
Artists pledge to raise money by performing during CIRCA’s Arts for Youth
Perform-a-thon event on December 10, Human Rights Day.
(We're hoping $250 per performer or at least $100.)

2. Support a performer with a pledge of any amount. All donations are

tax-deductible as fully allowable by law.

3. Jam at CIRCA’s Arts for Youth Perform-a-thon on December 10, Human Rights Day.

4. Enjoy an evening of thought-provoking entertainment by fabulous Chicago artists.

Donation is $25 per person at the Montclare United Church of Christ,
6935 W. Medill (hors d’oeuvres and complimentary drink provided).

5. Sponsor a community youth with a donation of $250. All sponsors will be invited

to all CIRCA events including main fall production.

Subject: Chicago Community Forum: Saturday, Nov. 5, 2005

Great opportunity to gain skills and network.

Presented in collaboration with the Asian American Institute

Chicago Community Forum:

Saturday, November 5, 2005

Sponsored by Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc. (LEAP), the event

Will discuss leadership development in the Asian Pacific American (APA)
community from several different perspectives.

Date: November 5, 2005
Time: 8:30am - 5:30pm
Location: DePaul University, DePaul Center
Download Forum Flyer
Download Registration Form
Download Forum Agenda


Workshop Descriptions

Morning Sessions

Understanding Yourself & Others:Explore the differences in communication

styles, and how they affect our personal and professional relationships.

Managing Across Generations: A panel of former and current non-profit staff

talk about the transitions in community work between older and younger generations.

Involvement in Non-Profit Boards: Non-profit boards are always on the look

out for board members- particularly those with skills, knowledge and resources
from the corporate sector. Learn how to get involved!

Afternoon Sessions

Understanding Your Cultural Values: Explore how your cultural values affect

how we interact with others, and how it shapes others’ perceptions of us.

Balanced Scorecard: For non-profits, the Balanced Scorecard is a proven

method of evaluation that also serves as a tool for fundraising purposes.

Adding Value: Making the Most of Your Corporate Affinity Groups: Corporate

affinity groups are a great way to network with APA professionals. Learn how
these affinity groups are also a good connection to the community.

CONTACT: Jade Agua,, (213) 485-1422 ext 4107

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