Tuesday, November 22, 2005

19 days to go... time to place your bets!


hey, i actually had a fake contraction on sunday night.

woo. hoo.

yesterday morning, i went in for a not so routine ultrasound to make sure that bellyzilla was actually head down because at my last appt, my midwife thought he sounded and felt like he was breech. there i was spreadeagled on the examining bed, determined to smack the daylights out of my soon to be born son.

i swear this kid better be worth the multitude of health problems his presence has caused - the myriad internal plumbing backups, the debilitating neck and backaches, the hormonal rollercoaster rides, the paralyzing fatigue, etc, etc... my MIL is trying to convince me that this can only mean that our son will be an absolute angel. hmm... maybe she's trying to convince herself too.

my first pregnancy was so wonderful that i'm convinced testosterone is pure f*cking biochemical evil to women. and that is why, children, the devil is usually pictured as a male.

so anyway besides placing a bet on bellyzillas day and time of birth, you can also pick a middle name! those of you who personally know me and popzilla know his first name. here's our growing list of middle names: pick one or feel free to offer up a suggestion (and no, henson beckwith is not a choice) just keep in mind that our last name starts with an O and his first name ends in an S.


oh and another thing... i'm not going to use the word "k*dzilla" anymore. it turns out its another word used to search for porn.

i know that kinda made me wanna vomit too...


MONKEYfightingSTYLE said...

my bet is Dec 8th or Dec 15th.
still thinking of a good middle name for your baby.

flahute said...

I still think that you should name him Steven Dallas O'Day ... this gets the "name him after ME!" aspect covered, the Dallas part covered, and the Bloom County and lawyer parts covered.

It's the best of ALL worlds!

Barb said...

Ah, so you aren't doing the mom's maiden name thing, eh?

mamazilla said...

monkeyfightingstyle - i know that you're going to say something like "juanito" or "christobal". ;)

velokatz - CYE. you are such a weirdo.... i love ya but jeez louise...

barb - not so much... i thought about it a while back with k'zilla too, but my maiden name is not a typical filipino/spanish sounding last name - it doesn't "roll" off the tongue easily...


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