Friday, March 15, 2013

revolutions & friday dance

yowza...  it's been a whirlwind couple of weeks....

the first week of march, we celebrated paloma's 10 revolutions around the sun (and shortly thereafter, my 41 revs... ay caramba!  yes, you have to say it like bart simpson...)

paloma asked for a studio ghibli/miyazaki birthday party/sleepover...  she basically wanted to marathon movie watch and dance battle her friends on wii...  we also planned to have a cake featuring miyazaki characters... (Haru & Baron from Cat Returns, Haku and Chihiro from Spirited Away, Howl and Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle, Totoro, Satsuki & Mei from My Neighbor Totoro)

(no, i didn't cut the cake with my rotary cutter, sassycrackers...)  O_o

and paloma also kept asking if i could make her this dress from The Cat Returns.

*insert boisterous laugh track here* (although, this cosplay of Haru is OFF THE CHAIN. holla!)

eventually, we settled on me making a totoro t-shirt with a pale yellow tutu skirt inspired by that dress for her and matching skirts for her friends... *whew*


sadly, all of my grand pinning of miyazaki party ideas on pinterest (i love that that search actually yielded results! *fistbump* pinterest! )  failed, because i caught another Emperor Virus McSicklypants cold....  i finished making the shirt and skirt for paloma but i didn't get a chance to finish her friends' matching skirts...  they're close though...  all in all the young ladies seemed to enjoy themselves... evidence there was much rejoicing...

a few days later, i celebrated my birthday in chicago:

and then i flew out to new jersey to celebrate my bff, corey's birthday with her beautiful family:

corey also has the teensyest tinyest rice cooker i have seen....   ever...   it looks like a toy!!

there were many highlights during the trip including getting lost in princeton...  seriously, who knew we'd get lost on campus...  

princeton is a lovely college town.  i geeked out and saw einstein's house...  but i was too chicken to take a picture, since it's still a residence...  there was signage everywhere exclaiming "Happy Pi Day!"  and "Happy Birthday Albert!"  clearly, corey and i were in very good piscean company...

we had breakfast at pj's pancake house and  lunch at triumph brewing and checked out a bunch of local shops...  and then we caught "silver linings playbook" at the princeton garden theatre.  it's a lovely theatre with a very friendly staff.  and i highly recommend watching that movie... it was SOOOO GOOOD!!!!!  :')

we stayed at the westin princeton at forrestal village...  where they surprised us with complimentary drinks in their latitude lounge and we found  this when we got to our room!

then, we capped off our birthday weekend with massages and facials... it was a short but very sweet visit...  corey said she hadn't laughed as hard as she had in a very long time...  best. compliment. evar!!!  :)

 ennyhoo...   hopefully, i'll finish the remainder of the birthday skirts and i'll update this post with pics of them all together...  :)  

i saw these amazeballs dance videos on my birthday - so you've prolly already seen them elsewhere, but they're so great - you won't mind seeing them again...  and again...  :)

i love that in this video, some of the dancers are *airquotes* RETIRED *airquotes*...  bwahaha....

oooo...  this video just makes me wanna break out all my 80s pastels....  *doublesnaps*

thanks for coming by and reading, i hope march is treating you well, weather notwithstanding.... :)

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