Monday, March 25, 2013


lately, i've noticed a lot of collabrations...  mentions of artists inspired by/collaborating with other artists...  finished products or completed works by two or more collaborating artists, bloggers collaborating on other blogs, etc...

i was just thinking how funny it is that so many creative people i know are really introverted and yet have no trouble/little trouble opening up to collaborate with other creative people.... or maybe some of us do... (?)  i dunno... i swear we are the most confusing people evar.  :)

i recently started working at a local fabric store and with fellow columbia alum, jen beeman.  if you haven't visited her blog yet - go. now.

jen is really funny and fun to work with and i look forward to picking her multifaceted brain about possibly developing some downloadable patterns of my own in the future...

lastly, the dance weekend that i am DYING (DYYYYYING!!!!) to go to someday happened over the weekend...  it's where WCS dancers can meet up with Lindyhop dancers...  it's amazeballs.  i especially love the crossover dances, even funnier this year, the WCS dancers dressed up in vintage inspired gear and the lindyhoppers are dressed in modern day wear:

ennyhoo...  although i'm juggling a couple of new projects in the air - figgy's sunki pattern for paloma, a bowling shirt for porkchop and possibly throwing my hat into the collette patterns laurel sewing contest...   i'll be leaving later this week on a spring break road trip from chicago to hilton head, sc - passing thru nashville, tn and savannah, ga...

hope this short post finds you well and warm! (it's 36 here!)

thanks for coming by and reading...  :)

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