Thursday, February 07, 2013

wip: figgy's patterns - scirocco

just a few days ago, i found buried myself in the figgy's patterns box at the needle shop.  this scirocco pattern immediately caught my old and barely working eye...  ;)

on my way to the register, the remnant section's menacing tentacles grabbed me, refusing to let go until i harvested enough materials to appease it...  really, it's not me, it's THE REMNANT SECTION... 


actually, no. i have an addiction to remnant bins.  i need an intervention...

although, to my credit - the only remnant i picked up was this orange chevron from dear stella:

i neglected to buy any lining (cuz i was soo happy!!!) luckily, i had some remnants at home (what? no kidding!? go figure....) that would suffice...    

i'll document my little journey with this pattern over the next few days...  for now, if you're thinking about starting a new project, the needle shop is having a sale on patterns - Use the code "BYEPATTERNS" and get 25% off!!!  GO NOW!!!

happy thursday!!!

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