Monday, February 11, 2013

wip - figgy's patterns - scirocco - pattern transfer

so, here's a list of what i need to transfer patterns:

the original pattern
kraft paper
tracing wheel
clear ruler
cutting mat
hello kitty pencil  (not optional)
glass of wine (optional)

not pictured:
paper scissors
hole punch
metal shower curtain ring
pattern notcher

all in all it took me about 2 hours to transfer the pattern, including:

cutting the original pattern pieces out, 
ironing and transferring the original patterns to kraft paper, 
drinking wine, wrassling children to take showers, 
connecting the dots, revising the length if necessary, and labeling the patterns in pencil, 
cutting the patterns out, 
drinking wine, wrassling kids to sit in time out, 
punching holes in wall in the pattern and hanging on a shower ring.

the original figgy's patterns are pretty self explanatory.  the only added instruction i would have is to use a pattern notcher to add notches to the skirt flounce and panel pieces - top flounce (1 notch) , middle flounce (2 notches), bottom flounce (3 notchesetc...)  they're similar in size and shape and once you cut them out in fabric, it may be difficult to tell them apart.

next up...  cutting your newly transferred patterns out of fabric!  how exciting!!!

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