Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the facebook fast

oh man....

i can't take it back, it's already out there...

so, i stumbled upon and read this very reflective post about Lent...  and this quote kinda stuck:

"...Lent isn't only about giving up things.  It's also about adding things, God things..."


then this quote is followed by a short list of examples including - "Having given up on Facebook, to whom will you devote meaningful conversation?"

which really got me thinking about the people i care about and the ways in which i choose to communicate with them and why i always choose facebook...  for years and years and years, i happily wrote letters and drew and doodled with glee on envelopes...  and then, i stopped... maybe i got too busy and too lazy... and then, i discovered facebook....

so, i'm giving up facebook for lent and i'm going to (try to) write to someone every day....  maybe a blog post.  maybe a post card.  maybe a letter.  maybe a note in a lunchbox.  maybe a post-it at an ATM....

please wish me luck! (and please pray for me, if you pray...)  no, really!  i look forward to reading status updates and browsing photos from my friends and family who are so far away....  these next 40 days are going to be very challenging...  :)

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