Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lindy Hop Challenge - Day 6 - Friday Dance

Day 6: Your favorite group dance (shim sham, tranky doo big apple, etc)

shim sham.  no contest.   but then again, i'm (an) old (school dancer) and back in the day,  the only group dance/jazz routines i learned were the shim sham, the jitterbug stroll, and the madison...  in my own defense, i was limited of time and money....

via Frankie and Erin -

there is something very comforting (to me) in the knowledge that despite the language barriers, i can shim sham with groups of complete strangers, pretty much everywhere on the planet...

i would like to finally learn the big apple....

a more modern interpretation with ryan francois and remy kouakou kouame:

lastly and not so secretly -  i hope that the whole swing rueda thing comes back into vogue...  (ha.  snort.)

i hope you had a happy friday!   (posting on saturday because yesterday was just a little crayzee....)

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