Monday, February 27, 2012

tessa's braided scarf

i made another scarf for my dear friend, tessa. however this one was made with a woven fabric instead of a knit jersey so i made a few changes re: the sizing and construction...

the tube is still the same size - 22" x 60"
*** please remember to sew the long side first!*** :) (i didn't!)

the size of the strips are as follows:

3 strips - 2" wide x 30" long

3 strips - 4" wide x 40" long

3 strips - 6" wide x 60" long

re: construction - because the strips didn't roll up i folded them right sides together and sewed... turned them inside out.... and then braided... they still braided to about the same width as the jersey braids... :)

i have to make two more braided knit scarves... i will post pics of them as soon as possible. thanks for stopping by and reading! hope you're having a productive monday! :)

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