Friday, January 27, 2012

bonzo for braids!! (& dance friday!!!)

so excited to share my new project with you... this scarf was SOOOO easy and so quick to make... about three hours or so..

like many bloggers, i just recently joined pinterest. and found it to be the MOTHERLOAD of DIY tutorials in one handy dandy spot!!!! it's amazeballs, i could (have) pin(ned) away in there for hours... :)

ennyhoo... one of the first things i pinned was this scarf:

however, when i clicked on it, it wasn't a tutorial, but an actual product for sale, but i thought, "it can't be that difficult to make could it?"

so i did a search for DIY braided tshirt necklace and found this easy to follow tutorial on the i still love you blog.

i pretty much followed the same instructions, but used different measurements that i guesstimated...

first off, i had a printed crinkly jersey 60" wide fabric in my stash... you'll need about a yard and a half... it was just begging to be made into this scarf... :) the scarf i made is actually two separate scarves.

the large piece is just a big tube - 22" x 60". right sides together, stitch up the long side... i used a 1/4" seam allowance. turn inside out and stitch the short sides, right sides together... eventually, you find you can't stitch anymore. i just pressed that seam allowance down and topstitched close to the edge... (or you can use that iron on seam adhesive...)

the second piece is made with 9 strips... (these measurements you might have to take on yourself making sure the smallest necklace fits over your head... depending on how long you want to wear the necklaces... also, not sure if this is true with all printed jerseys, but mine started to curl inward so the print wasn't showing. so, while braiding i had to fold the strip back so that the print would show periodically...

3 strips - 2" wide x 30" long

3 strips - 2" wide x 40" long (i braided this one looser than the shorter one to make them look a little different... or i suppose you could just make the middle one a little wider - 4" perhaps?)

3 strips - 6" wide x 60" long

again, i followed the instructions linked above and within a few hours i was finished... :)

to style it, i put the tube scarf on first, doubled it. then the braids... the longest braid is doubled. :)

i swear, if you can sew a straight seam, you can make this!!!

UPDATE: so i wore this scarf all day today... it kept me warm and was just lovely! however! i looked rather ungraceful taking it off at home this evening... will have to practice... :)

hope you had a wonderful friday!!!

if you're coming from sew can do blog's monday link party or better life bags pinterest challenge, thanks for coming by & welcome! please take a look around! :)

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for dance friday - i leave videos of one of my fave dance crews - the s*** kingz from japan... dancing to OLD school black eyed peas... woot!

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Amie {Kitty Cats and Airplanes} said...

I LOVE the combo of braids and plain fabric. And the print is stunning. This is a gorgeous piece!

geraly unite-o'day said...

thanks so much for taking some time to visit & comment, amie!! :) we (the famz & i) spent some time in maryland last year - we had a GREAT time! :)


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