Friday, September 16, 2011

friday dance - Happy Birthday B. B. King!!!

apologies for the light (nonexistant) posting to the blog... a friend invited me to sell some handmade items at her open house this weekend - so i've been sewing nonstop... wish me luck... :)

ennyhoo.... it's b.b. king's birthday... so, some blues are in order... :)

random namedrop: long long ago, when i was still a college student, i wandered into legends - it was/is across the street from my alma mater, columbia college chicago. there weren't too many people in there, and i have no idea who was playing... i grab a bar stool and set down my backpack and enjoy the music. the guy in front of me turns around and smiles and i smile back... and then, i think - he looks really familiar... maybe he's a professor at school?? does he work around here?? *gearsturning*

eventually, he gets up and walks over to someone and says hi... and i hear someone say behind me, "whoa. that's eric clapton."

duh. *lightbulb* hahaha.... i'm still that clueless... :)

happy friday!!!

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