Friday, September 09, 2011

friday dance - groove era lindy

so... since i've been sick with this cough, i haven't been able to go dancing - lindyhop or otherwise... the silver lining is i get to catch up on all the dancing that's going on everywhere else and being filmed...

although i've been lindyhopping for 14 years now, i've really never been to too many events that a lindyhopper "should" attend - herrang dance camp and ILHC, for example... i've never really had the time or money really...

and now that i'm an ancient "groove era" "wigglehopper", the style of dance and music has moved beyond me into something else... i enjoy watching what's new and trendy in lindyhop... i like change, but i'm old (literally and figuratively), and change is difficult (physically). >:) and i like to think that groove lindy or wigglehop is something of a curiosity in our local chicago scene - that the few of us still offer up something lovely, diverting and charming to watch for a few minutes... :)

thankfully, some world renowned dancers/teachers still groove on proudly:

if you're interested, dancer & lindyblogger jerry almonte also has a great post about this dance and the groove era here and here.

happy friday!!!

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