Tuesday, August 16, 2011

read it: The Girl with Glass Feet

i happened to see this cover of "the girl with glass feet" by ali shaw at the library and both the cover and the title had me hooked... i just had to read it... here's the author describing it and reading an excerpt:

first off, the language and tempo of the book is lovely, dreamy and hypnotic and details the eccentricity, atmosphere and corporeal qualities of the island and it's people... i really felt transported into the shadowy, chilly world of st. hauda's land... the entire time i read the book, i felt as if i was watching a brother quay film:

if the book ever gets made into a film, i hope they consult with the brothers quay... :)

however, halfway thru book, i got *stuck* (much like the quay film, institute benjamenta), it almost felt as if every character in the book started going thru some major angst... and the book felt TOO heavy... i'm glad to know what motives the characters had, the emotional baggage they were carrying around, but maybe not at the same time... and then, the ending finally came (you see it coming anyway...) but it almost came too fast... it felt completely rushed and i felt cheated out...

btw - asian character alert! although the character, henry fuwa, japanese scientist, kinda treads in familiar stereotype territory - recluse, wise, asexual, bumbling, etc...

it's definitely worth the read, at the very least for the albino flora/fauna and the quirky moth bulls alone... :)

thanks for coming by and reading. hope you're week is starting off well!


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