Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Eye of Newt, and Toe of Frog, Wool of Bat, and Tongue of Dog..."

first and foremost, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! :) (btw - i have pics up at flickr of the paloma in her costume, which i made... *patting self on back* ;) )

second, i have a new post up at chicagomomsblog called "Eye of Newt, and Toe of Frog, Wool of Bat, and Tongue of Dog...". MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

third, following is a random sampling (in no particular order) of what's been happenning over here in the past two weeks or so:

* the paloma and the porkchop both came down with croup.

* i came down with a bad cold.

* the thin man came down with laryngitis.

* after years of abuse, my glasses finally gave up the ghost. a screw came loose. a lens fell out. and now, i'm walking around with one lens in my busted set of eyeglasses. i'm SO not kidding.

* the thin man got laid off (boo!) and then got hired by someone else (yay!)

* we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary (10 years together - WOOT!) at coobah restaurant (think cuba, spain and brazil meet the philippines) which was EXCELLENT!!! except for when they turned on the baseball game on the widescreen tvs which were showing beautiful jellyfish when we first walked in .

* the paloma taught her preschool class what it means to be filipino american and how to count from 1 to 10 in tagalog.

* i made a tinkerbell costume for a doll (see flickr).

* i re-organized and de-cluttered the sewing rooms of two sewing friends.

* my brother in law and his lovely wife are new parents to a bouncing baby boy!

* my lovely in laws came for a visit.

* my poor mom came down with strep.

* i pulled the paloma out of a tumbling class when i realized that not only had her teacher insulted her by saying her shoes were the ugliest shoes he'd ever seen - that he'd also traumatized her... she couldn't stop talking or crying about it for days. i think she's finally over it.

* we picked out pumpkins at the children's farm together and carved them.

* i pimped out one of my best friends to one of the thin man's best friends. alcohol was involved. yes, they call me "yenta".

...and that's about it. :)


Rachel said...

Wow, you have been busy indeed. That's a lot in two weeks!

Sorry to hear you were all sick.

Happy Halloween!

Carrie Purins' novel said...

1) lawyers get laid off??
2) f'ing tumbling coach. thank god you caught on early on before he gave her an eating disorder. i am looking forward to Nutmeg's obsession with ballet ending so i can enroll her in something healthier, like, i dunno, pageants?

um, you know i'm kidding about the pageants, right? :-)

daddy in a strange land said...

That restaurant sounds awesome! I wanna go to Chicago! :)

Sorry everybody's been ill. Hope it's clear skies from now on... ;)

ImPerceptible said...

Wow. I thought I was busy! Take it easy, your making me look bad.

Happy Anniversary!

LOVE the pumpkins. You are so creative.

Next time I'm up that way point that tumbling teacher out. I'll take care of the rest...

sarah said...

You've been tagged!

mamazilla said...

rachel - a week later and... we're all sick again. :(

carrie - i KNEW you were a pageant mom wannabe!!! and i can make her one of those FANCY dresses you know... JAZZ HANDS!

diasl - i think chicago would be the perfect place for a rice daddy/kimchimama/filipinamoms meet up! at coobah!

imp - he's been *cough* taken care of *cough*.

sarah - working on it! thanks again!

Angela said...

Happy Belated Anniversary, I'm glad you had a nice day. You are one very busy, busy lady...I got tired just reading. I'm glad you're all healthy, fingers crossed that it stays that way.


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