Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the unusual suspects

for all y'all who've been keepin' up... i have news re: some of my fellow writing homies from the atlantic center for the arts residency (that i did over a year ago... yikes).

first, for all you lucky ducks in los angeles, jessica hagedorn's (pictured above, second from the right) dogeaters play (based on her best selling novel) is at center theatre group. their website also has a short interview with her as well. you have until february 11th to see it. GO NOW. THIS MEANS YOU, MONKEYSTEEZ.

second, i also just got an email from mae (pictured above. bottom row, far left) that she's published a new book: FILIPINOS IN LOS ANGELES.

from mae: "The book is an interesting and intimate look into the lives of Filipinos in the L.A. area from the 1920s through today, largely through vintage photographs. I hope that the book will spark people's interest in exploring the Filipino-American culture, and perhaps even their own family’s personal history. FILIPINOS IN LOS ANGELES will be published by Arcadia Publishing and available online and in bookstores on April 16. The first major event it will be featured at is the upcoming Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (April 28 & 29), in conjunction with the Philippine Expressions Bookshop."

third, i just saw martha's nyt review of photographer andrew moore's show at yancey richardson gallery.

and last but not least, i found an action shot of chris, who in addition to being a fantastic writer and THE BEST T-REX IMPRESSIONIST EVER, he also plays hoops.

and what am i doing?

i'm applying toothpaste under my arms thinking it's deodorant.

that's what i'm doing.

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