Monday, July 31, 2006

burned out...

Match lighting match
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k'zillas w/ stomach flu +

k'zillas w/ cold (after stomach flu) +

no sleep (because of kids having stomach flu & cold) +

brutal heat wave +

overwhelming feelings of depression, paranoia and fear due to horrible racism and prejudice in city/neighborhood

...equals one burned out mamazilla. apologies for blogging hiatus.


tessence said...

Oh no! Remember I'm in your area code now if u ever wanna call and kvetch :-)

MONKEYfightingSTYLE said...

ahhh mamazilla needs a timeout.
tell papazilla NOW!!!

you must be relieved or at least a massage or su'in!!

hey hey hey
guess who's on myspace????
ms dina.
find her

daddy in a strange land said...

Holy crap. You know how it is--toddlers=no time for news (plus she screams "Music, Daddy!" whenever I try to listen to NPR in the car)--so I hadn't heard about either of those things. :(

Anyway, hope you and yours feel better, at least physically if not psychically.

mamazilla said...

diasl - hey there! yes, the viral war is over and we were victorious. now, if we can just get past the cabin fever... ;) emotionally, i'm still recovering - still feel like i live in a ticking time bomb.

monkeysteez - popzilla is helping as much as he can. he's had two jury trials in two weeks. he's overworked and burning out too.

hey, dina's one of my "friends" and mookie's on there too - naked, in a closet - seriously, NOT pretty.

tessence - when i can actually form a cohesive thought, a sentence perhaps (y'know, instead of fire,bad. tree, pretty) i'll give you a call. i hope you're doin' ok in this awful heat! stay hydrated!


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