Saturday, July 15, 2006

maligayang kaarawan to my comare, monkeysteez!

mia and me
Originally uploaded by mamazilla1972.
feliz cumpleanos, mamacita mia!

around this time, last year, i was lucky enough to run into monkeysteez at ACA. since then, i feel like i have to keep up with the "DE" crew.

i learned a lot from my experience at ACA. from you, i learned

1) some new ways to make up names for fictional characters
2) i should drive with the car headlights ON (if i ever learn to drive)
3) NOT to tell you a secret
4) that i will never attempt to write a screenplay
5) i have to stay up really late and get up painfully early to keep up with your generation

mia, your youth inspires me to be more youthful. your talent inspires me to continue writing, observing and learning. all in all, you inspire me to be a better human being. mahal kita!


MONKEYfightingSTYLE said...

i **heart** YOU and
i **heart** your familia (even though i have yet to meet them 'officially'...
even though we've known each other for only one year...
why does it feel as if i've known you since birth????


mamazilla said...

y'know why it feels like you've known me since birth? 'cause i read to you most of my "not so great, somewhat american" novel which predates & then details my birth/childhood. ;)

i wish i coulda been there for your birthday - good times!



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