Friday, June 16, 2006

time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future....

here i am thinking it's only been a few days since my last post - HA! i take it back i'm not sleep deprived, i'm just a walking lobotomy. i can prove it too.

yesterday, i called popzilla URGENTLY. (dude, i mean like my eyebrows were on fire or something....)

this is how the call went:

P - hey, what's up?
M - hey there! *ELABORATE sigh * can you remember to please, PLEASE, get stamps?!
P - uh, sure. are you okay?
K (in background) - who you talkin' to mommy?
B (in foreground) - WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
M - i'm talking to daddy. yeah, i'm just so P*SSED! i finally get myself and the kids fed, changed and out the door and we walk ALL the way to the drugstore to get stamps, which of course takes three hours longer than usual 'cause k'zilla is walking and picking every dandelion in sight! and...
K - no, you're NOT!? hahahahahahaha!!!! silly goose!!!
P - yeah? and what?
M - and... and... i got stamps. *completely deflating now* they're in this plastic bag hanging from the stroller. right now. and i have no idea why i am calling you.
M - ok. i'm gonna go. bye. say goodbye to daddy. *click*
K - BYE DADDY!!!!!!

above cellphone exchange = walking lobotomy

ARRRGH!!!! my eyes! MY EYES!!!!!

whatever you do, don't google images for "lobotomy".

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