Tuesday, June 20, 2006

do you see a jellyfish?

so, we were putzin' around with the mini doodle board when k'zilla says to me,"mommy, THIS is a jellyfish, ok? now, YOU draw a jellyfish."

this is a jellyfish.
Originally uploaded by mamazilla1972.

so, i drew this:

this is not a jellyfish.
Originally uploaded by mamazilla1972.

to which she condescendingly replied, "THIS is NOT a jellyfish." and there you have it - 5 years of art school WASTED!


eatmisery said...

What did she say it looked like?

mamazilla said...

she said something like "that's a sillified peg-leggy somethingy monster!"

i dunno... i think my medium is playdoh.

i should stick with the playdoh. :)

groovy mommy said...

Well, she has such a great wide imagination, your little one :D


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