Wednesday, May 10, 2006

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i just had to put a pic of my two favorite moms, florida evans and willona woods, for this post about my fantasy mothers day.

as a kid, i would daydream that maybe one day i would become a mom who was the perfect mix of florida and willona - flo's sugar and willona's spice, flo's heart and willona's mouth, flo's kitchen and willona's wardrobe, etc... well, i'm not even close to either so i'll just keep fantasizing...

this mother's day, i would like to:

* oversleep and wake up to a warm, sunny, QUIET spring day.
* shower with a m p l e time to pumice my heels and "de-yeti" in an outdoor shower in tahiti.
* leisurely eat an eggs benedict & drink a mimosa for breakfast made by the barefoot contessa, ina garten in george clooney's lake como house.
* floss and brush my teeth without rushing.
* attend sunday mass at st agnes church in san francisco.
* have a day without a time out or a melt down or a tantrum from ANYBODY.
* take a nap.
* spend some quality time with popzilla and the mini zillas. separately and together. this may or may not involve a picnic and a blanket - NO BUGS ALLOWED.
* eat a mountain of desserts - magnolia ice cream, gelato, cannoli, cake, pie, chocolate, marzipan, halo halo, ube, boba tea, moon cakes, etc....
* floss and brush my teeth without rushing.
* spring clean my closet with every organizing tool known to civilized man.
* type/write an intelligent, funny, thought provoking post for my blog, with two hands & without interruption.
* eat a dinner al fresco prepared by popzilla and the grill of his dreams on a sun kissed hawaiian beach while supernanny babysits the mini zillas.
* dance, a long overdue dance, with popzilla at the casino on catalina island where frank sinatra is making an appearance.
* floss and brush my teeth without rushing.
* sleep for an uninterrupted 12 hours in bed with just popzilla, after... well.... hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge...

so, anyway, don't forget to honor yo fave mommas on mother's day, may 14th!

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Bert said...

Magnolia ice cream?! Mamazilla has some good taste. I hope that mother's day was all that you dreamed and maybe with a little bit of hour-long massage on top. :)


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