Tuesday, May 30, 2006

california dreamin'...

i'm still packed.

we returned from our california vacation on memorial day and i still haven't unpacked. this could be interpreted in SOOO many ways...

i'm definitely not as relaxed as i was when i arrived. you could say that i'm as stressed out as i was before i left, but the fact that, between then and now, the smallest sinewy parts of me actually unclenched is a triumph.

popzilla and i thought we were insane to plan a getaway (of sorts) to see extended family (my in laws) and... anD... aND... AND... a trip to dismal... i mean... Disneyland!

you're thinking, WTF were you thinking!!??? i know. a head injury followed by amnesia's in there somewhere and i suspect the children were involved...

days before leaving... we were preparing ourselves for armageddon and it just never appeared. (which reminds me of the funniest armageddon story... i'll have to share that one with ya later...)

it started with the car ride and the check in: popzilla was sure that the first ring of the apocalyptic circus would appear there. but, the car ride was calm - dare i say, enjoyable? we got to o'hare and i broke out into a sweat thinking about carting the luggage from trunk to curb side check in and k'zilla bounding out into the departure traffic while i frantically crammed the car seats (yes, we brought both) into their carrier bags. but, there was no running out into oncoming traffic. the carseats took some cajoling but slid right in and zipped right up. and after that, curbside check in was a breeze. it took longer for popzilla to actually get from long term parking to where he dropped us off at departures.

the flight to palm springs (b'zilla's first, k'zilla's fifth) had it's ups and downs, especially when we went up and down. that whole inner ear thing is a b*tch. you can tell a three year old to swallow because it helps but that doesn't mean she'll do it and we realized later that sometimes ya gotta swallow a bunch of times in a row. and to quote my three year old, "you can't tell b'zilla to do anything because he doesn't speak english." you just have to pray that you don't end up sitting at the end of the runway for SO long that your child finishes breastfeeding BEFORE takeoff (of course, you've also waited forever to feed him so that he could breastfeed during takeoff - y'know, someone needs to send a universal memo to all commercial pilots or produce a PSA or trash the pc diversity training and threaten to sick the bare breasted la leche league after them).

our arrival in beautiful palm springs airport was super easy because my in laws met us there. REINFORCMENTS HELLA RULE! we got luggage, we got rental car and we got microwaved... it was freakin' 103 degrees!!!!! popzilla and k'zilla quickly got in the spa to cool off when we got to the house.

's'all 'bout the iced tea & the AC fo' me. and at the end of the first day, mamazilla rested (ok, i had to get used to the time change too) and it was good. :)

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