Friday, May 05, 2006

don't. stay. home.

for those of you lucky enough to have the means to walk outside your house... um, shall we say, unencumbered... (oh, and you should live in LA or NY) please check out these two events that two of my friends and fellow ACA associates are in:

Studio in the Park

Steed Taylor: MESSENGER - a road tattoo commemorating bicycle messengers in New York City Location: Promenade from 105th - 103rd Street, Riverside Park Materials: high-gloss black latex, names and prayer Size: 25’ x 425’ Dedication: 5/4 1:00PM, prayer by Brother Michael Moran

VC Filmfest

Mia Villanueva, producer: MANGOSTEEN takes an intimate look at the culture, education and activists of Kuala Lumpur and their connection to the rise of HIV/AIDS in Malaysia.

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