Tuesday, April 04, 2006

...with one hand...

...wrapped around my baby (who may or may not be asleep), i can:

post a new blog
help my 3 yo potty train (undie down, empty bowl, replace bowl, undie up, wash hands, etc... )
brush my teeth
use "the facilities"
wash my hands
undo and redo a drawstring (that holds up my pants)
change a diaper
make a phonecall
fix a bowl of cereal
open jars
make a PB & J sandwich
put a dvd on
color with crayons or paint (w/brush, watercolors &/or tempera)
open doors
open storm windows
swiffer a floor
feed the cats

the newest thing i discovered i can do... i can change from jeans & a t-shirt to pajamas, while laying in bed, nursing the baby and detatching once... so NOT kidding. :)

and the freakiest thing... i can gather the items needed to sterilize a needle, sterilize a needle and use the needle to unplug a plugged milk duct.


i know, TMI!!!!


MONKEYfightingSTYLE said...

mamazilla, you are my hero!
(seriously, you are...)

tessence said...

Wow, I want to get pregnant w/ another one right now just so i can develop my own one-hand skills and challenge you to a one-handed mothering duel!

mamazilla said...

monkeysteez! i'm more hero sandwich than hero but, thanks! :) i just got your email - i'm hoping to get a moment to answer it tonight.

tessence! if, and/or when you have another one, how about we skip the duel and just kidnap each other for a relaxing day w/o kids & hubbies!? ;)

Wendy Boucher said...

You are a true Crazy Hip Blogging Mom. Glad I surfed by your site. I'm polling CHBM's today on mine about an ethical dilemma. Stop on by.


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