Friday, March 31, 2006

viva la fanta menace!!!

ok, i admit it. i hate those fanta chicks.

anyway, i've mentioned numerous times before how most of my childhood was spent daydreaming about hi-c and shaghetti-os, two things which could always be found at my friend eva's (or deva, as we like to call her now) house and never at mine. eva was one of my best friends at avondale elementary. she had an infectious laugh and the gift to make anyone laugh about anything. field trips and the short walk home were infinitely funnier when eva was at my side. and then sadly, i transferred to a nearby catholic school.

the funny thing is... years later... YEARS... i was in college. i was living on my own. my moms and i had had a severe falling out and communication between us was yea short of non-existent. it was christmas and i thought i should at the very least, swing by my mom's house and say, merry christmas (because you KNOW, the "LBJ" is watching your EVERY move.)

so, i knock on the door and this dude answers it.

...and he's wearing a robe - a festive, christmas red robe...

i think to myself, "do i know this dude? no. but, he's filipino. so maybe... he's related?" but, he had what looked like an "i'm SO busted" look on his face. what do you do? you say "merry christmas" and walk in.

anyway, this mysterious guy turned out to be my mom's new husband - i honestly don't remember if they were married at that point but they're happily married now nonetheless -
that year, santa brought me a newly minted stepdad and three step siblings - 2 bros & a sistah.

soon thereafter, i moved to the bay area and stayed there for 5 years.

when i moved back in 2001, my stepsister and i became close friends. one day we were reminiscing about our grade school & high school memories and we realized after comparing notes, that her best friend was the one and only - eva.

so, somethings never change. you still can't find hi-c or any chef boyardee products in my pantry. eva still rolls with a pinay and she makes my cheeks hurt so bad for laughing that i almost tinkle - even at funerals. and i'm sure a field trip to her latest show will prove to be a hysterical riot.

i guess i should mention that there's a lukewarm chicago reader review, but i'm still going...

Opens March 24th (thru April 30th)
Fridays and Saturdays @ 8:00 pm
Sundays @ 5:00 pm (April 23rd and April 30th ONLY)

Gallery Meztli: 556 West 18th Street - Chicago (map)

Tickets: $12.00 ($10 student/group, $8.00 preview)
Reservations: 312.670.TIX6 (8496) OR Tickets
Parking: Ken-Tone's @ 551 W. 18th

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