Monday, May 23, 2005

Day 8 - word count: 11,121 (so embarassed)

So, yeah, yesterday turned out to be another horribly unproductive day… well, writing wise anyway…

I saw that blue tailed lizard again. I have GOT to get my sh*t together and have my camera ready…

Del and I did managed to locate each other in the sprawling compound that is the ACA. So, we made our way to the sacred heart catholic church that’s near here. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I was reminded of making a pilgrimage of sorts as a child with my mother and a gaggle of grandmothers to a church somewhere in florida known for other similar pilgrimages and miraculous healings… can’t remember the name of it or where it was… such a peculilar summer road trip – my mother and I literally chaperoned a small tour group of my grandmothers friends from Chicago to the southeast coast hitting all these churches that they’d heard granted miracles for some. We ate truck stop food and stayed at seedy motels because my mom had the brilliant idea that we should bring the dog too. I remember when we stayed in towns without truck stops, my mom would break out the rice cooker (yes, she brought the rice cooker) and my grandmother would skillfully make ramen noodles or some other soups or rice dishes. She was quite ingenious.

Anyway, sacred heart church was one of those modern architecture buildings that really hasn’t aged well (imho). However, the congregation itself was large and LOUD. I was having trouble hearing myself sing to be perfectly honest. The priest who delivered the homily was really good. He had a point! Finally, a priest who can deliver a message with a point. After communion, I got all hella sad… I really miss popzilla and kidzilla who are usually beside me in a pew. I have to admit that I dread Sundays usually because kidzilla is still only two and so, acts like a normal, bored, rambunctious two year old at church. I miss my kid. L

Del and I found a big K because he was feeling the need for some diversions, namely magazines. I found a funny little card for Jessica’s birthday which was yesterday. The weird thing about shopping for cards is that in the Birthday for Her section – they had these horrible cards that had to do with getting old and accepting it like – “Good thing grey is your color.” Or “The firemen are standing by to extinguish your cake.” Then, there were the horribly sentimental cards. The ones that said stuff like, “Hope your day is wonderful as you.” I couldn’t find one card that I thought had any value whatsoever. Then I walked over to the Birthday for Him section. That section had the cards with the dead pan humor about partying forever and dying old and happy which actually made sense and the card I bought for Jessica was there. Who knew the greeting industry was so ageist and sexist? (I’m joking)

So, when we got back, I had a meager lunch and ran around looking for signatures for jessica’s card. That took a good chunk of time. Then, I FINALLY (3 pm) went over to the studio to get something done (please refer to lame word count). I went over to Jessica’s around 4:30 to help cook dinner. She’d already started and boy did it smell good while I walked over. YUMMMM!!!

While Jessica and I were manning the stove, Felipe and Smooke actually came by and sang Happy Birthday to Jessica from her deck as she stood at the window. SO CUTE! J I got to do my laundry at Jessica’s. I’m convinced that will be my claim to fame, my singular brush with greatness. What book? ;)

The writing associates started to show up around 6. David Rakowski was hosting a similar party at his cottage so, the two parties were mingling and sharing food. Which was excellent, by the way, we cooked adobo chicken, Spanish rice with pigeon peas, a mixed green salad (that was made by Ines) and for dessert, cantaloupe with dulce de leche (ines, again). The parties started to cottage hop and at one point we all sang happy birthday to Jessica in david’s cottage.
Eventually, the visual artists showed up and by then, I was too tired to continue.

As I walked past Jane’s dark cottage, I thought how different, but I guess expected, the master artists mentor their associates. For myself, I feel like Jessica has been very open and generous with her time, knowledge and experience and it sounds like the only difference between her and David is he likes to give out homework. But, it seems like the visual artists don’t spend much time with Jane and vice versa. No one really complains about it. It seems very matter of fact. So, maybe this is status quo for visual artists at residency. I’m so glad that this residency is turning out how I had hoped it would be. ACA provides such a wonderful place to create. I highly recommend artists of any discipline to apply for residency here.

This is how tired I was last night. I actually heard another armadillo digging around outside of jessica’s house. I was too tired to care, first of all and too tired to lift my camera to my eye and take a pic of it. so, I’m on a mission – I have two more weeks to catch an armadillo on film, national geopgraphic style. “Armadillo, YOU are MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!! *strikes WWF pose*

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MOH said...

Hey G,
I just checked out your blog for the first time. I'm so proud of you for doing this ACA thing (even if it meant i had to reschedule my trip!!!) You're so much more talented than you ever give yourself credit for - maybe this will help you realize it!!!
Will you still talk to the little people when you're famous?


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