Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Day 2 – 11:39 p.m.

I don’t even know where to start this journal entry.

I just saw an armadillo and an owl.

I trapped a big black spider in a drawer in my room. I pull the gender card and asked a composer to do something. He smoooshed it but i was wracked with guilt all night about it. functioning on little to no sleep.

I discovered WiFi. EUREKA!!!

I just shared wine with great company and wonderful music at Jessica Hagedorn’s house.
The former ACA master artists in residence autographed the inside of Jessica’s closet – Spalding Grey, Anne Waldeman, Diane Di Prima, too many to name (especially after such an exhausting day and a glass of wine). I also got chewed to death by random biting insects.

So many things happened today… so many things that I want to write about… so tired…

I had a lovely breakfast.

I did some more writing (editing really - i know SO BAD... must. imprison. internal. editor.)

I went shopping in the small hamlet of new smyrna beach. I bought snacks and fruit and vitamins. Everyone else bought hard liquor and olive tapenade.

I made it through my first official meeting of associate writing residents – chris, martha, dina and mae read what they are working on and talked about their backgrounds and goals. chris blew my freaking mind away. after he read his work, i was seriously considering dropping out entirely. Thursday, i will have to read an excerpt along with johnathan, stephanie and mia. What's worse is tomorrow, i'll actually have to read something to the entire residency program. i knew about this beforehand and brought some poetry, but still... not even remotely prepared to read a f*cking shopping list in public.

One of the many highlights last night were the Master artist introductions by jessica hagedorn, david rakowski, jayne hammond. They are all such inspiring artists.

the associate artist introductions were also very inspiring especially the composer works which were performed by pianist amy dissenyaka and the road tattoos of steed taylor.

more later...

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Puglet said...

I am so jealous. I've always wanted to be able to write. You are on an amazing journey..enjoy it!


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