Thursday, March 10, 2005

i broke open an egg today to satisfy my egg lust and two yolks came out of it. now, i'm having an uncomfortable simpsons' three eyed fish moment. what's ironic - it was an organic free range grade a large brown egg - at least that's what the carton says. but i went with my homeric food instinct and just anihilated this sweet eggy goodness...

if you don't hear from me ever again (lucky you!) - it's because i ate this and evolved into something else hopefully something with a brain but with my luck no appendages, no opposable thumbs, no nuthin, nada...


mulligan said...

That is neat! I've heard of two yolk eggs but never seen one before.

letti said...

i ate one of those once and the last time i checked, i may be a bit loopier, but no general mutations :)

mamazilla said...

mulligan - it's like i'm your very own private "fear factor" :)

letti - ditto. no general mutations to speak of... well, none that i can blame the yolks on... :)

Square1 said...

Guess the yolks on you. Ok.. that was bad... I know.

mamazilla said...

square 1 - it had crossed my mind but of course i decided i WAS going to spare my audience... but NO... you HAD to go there! :)

and so i must bombard you with other yolk jokes..

what is a chicken's fave tree?
a yolk (oak) tree!

what grows on yolk trees?

what do you call a city of 20 millions eggs?
new yolk city!

what can't you tease egg whites?
because they can't take a "yolk"!

thank you! two shows a night! try the veal! :)


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