Thursday, February 17, 2005

K is for Kumar, Keane and Kurt

harold and kumar go to white castle.

i can't believe i loved this movie. it's basically a romantic comedy with a solid music soundtrack,(except for the whole sing along with wilson phillips scene. *shivers*) routine toilet humor & gratuitous boobie fondling. it's a little deliverance thrown in with some risky business, mixed with animal house and a dash of pee wee's big adventure, some willy wonka folded in, garnished with joy luck club and sprinkled with a little map of the human heart and english patient.

with this many memorable scenes and hilarious dialogue, it's bound to be a cult classic. if i watch it again, i'm sure i could fashion a little drinking game out of it too. there's even enough of an unrequited love storyline (between a desperate man and his 420) that i may even classify it as a chick flick. and the kitchen sink? neil patrick harris (aka doogie howser) playing neil patrick harris. reDEMPtion! THANKYAJESUS! i am HEALED of the septic wound inflicted injuriously upon me by those satanic, havoc wreaking, fornicators - starship troopers!

however, my only beef (ha) about the movie is the choice of, shall we say, "holy grail". white castle sells the most disgusting "food" i have EVER tasted in my entire life. and not just because i was taken there after my senior prom. and no, it is not an urban legend that some girl bit into a white castle "slider" (hello? i'll give you one guess why it's called that.) and found herself chewing on a seashell. i'll take jack in the crack or booger king anyday over not so white castle.

if this movie sounds totally unoriginal and derivative of all the other comedies in its genre... well, yeah, it kinda sorta is. but they do make a few revisions to the standard that show this movie stands on it's own merits. the bottom line is it's funny (and did i mention there are two cute asian guys in the starring roles. wee-ha! asian power!).

anyway, tonight, i will be one of hundreds of women being serenaded by keane (and the redwalls and the zutons) and possibly swooning (due to a combination of smoke inhalation, bad ventilation and a cold snap) at the riviera theatre. what DO you wear to concerts in the winter? do i choose to be a fashion victim and freeze to death outside the venue or be roasted (along with my common sense and practicality) inside the venue? i remember thinking that only old folks brought coats to live shows and *gasp* checked their coats in. oh god, i just realized... the theatre is a general admission venue. i'm going to be standing for hours... i AM getting too old for this.

hopefully, tomorrow night, i'll be at the kurt halsey show, buying an item bearing a halsey image of some kind (i'll get the sticker of a band-aid). i say hopefully because there is a chance i'll chicken out because a) like cinderella, i am a former art school geek fraud b) also like cinderella, any outfit that i do conjure up will prove to be fit for a dress ball and not your garden variety outsider art gallery and the fashion police will be forced to haul me away and potentially do a cavity search c) wicker park is home to too many former girlzilla one night stands.

i hope kidzilla never reads this. come to think of it, i owe you a mea culpa too. just say no to bad writing.


Ms Bees Knees said...

Have fun at the show mamazilla... make sure to check that coat of yours, cause you KNOW you'll be bringing one...

Square1 said...

Funny but I didn't think that would be a show I'd be into. Damn you for piqueing my interest! LOL. I'll have to look into... and my list of books to read and movies to see grows ever longer!

puglet said...

I liked that movie too. SHHHHHH.


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