Saturday, October 30, 2004 you needed proof that i'm hormonal...

so, much to my delight - mothers and company came back to prove me hormonal. not like anyone needed proof - it's been quite evident ever since the 7th grade.

anyway, mothers & co found another group with an opening and children the same age as e. so, without much in the way of "below-standard-daytime-melodrama", e and i were branded and given the secret entry handshake. i really hope this works out 'cause this branding looks permanent.

so, to update, the rest of friday was insane. it had started well indeed and slowly unraveled into a miasmatic (is that a word?) dimension of h*ll. d asked me if e liked the train rides. of COURSE, she liked the train rides. did I like the train rides? um, in a word, NO! to ride a train with e is like injecting her with pure caffeine. i think i avoided a couple of lawsuits - harassment by cheerio, death by stroller and random acts of infant vandalism - and i don't think i burst a blood vessel.

because that happened on the NEXT train ride. i rarely have a hard time on the L so, the law of averages bit my *ss this time. e managed to get away from me at the lasalle st stop. and the last vision i had before my blood vessel burst was of e running out to the platform while i was stuck struggling to free myself and the stroller from the clutches of the the dreaded turnstile. do we not possess the technology to replace the archaic turnstile? is this what they are hiding in area 51?!

so, thanks to the powers that be, e did not fall to her untimely death and i was saved by a bored transit employee.

finally, we arrived at our (first) destination and the pediatrician's conclusion - e is very tall and of average weight though still something of a pinhead. but, all in all - a beautiful healthy girl.

*heavens open, sunlight streams thru, cherubims sing* .... and that will be $65 please.

that marvelous day continued with an entirely too lengthy walk for me and e (in stroller) and a headache that i still have despite the walkabout ending at the chiropractor office. afterwards, d met us at the office and drove us home in very unhappy, heavy, third world traffic.

my conclusion - none of us were likely candidates for darwin awards that "banner" day - SO YAY US! :)

p.s. laundry still not done. made yummy pork chops for dinner!

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