Thursday, October 21, 2004

so, i checked out that virtual model website ( .
and this sorta looks like me.
it's very disturbing. Posted by Hello


Tom Schaller said...

I have fallen in loooooooooove

Or something like that

mamazilla said...

you like me, you REEEEEEAAALLLY like me! AS A FRIEND... because i have a GREAT personality and i'm SO smart.... ;)

Tom said...

Er, right! That's what I meant!

I mean, it wasn't what I thought I meant, but I sure I did.

Tom said...

I was in Geneva, IL. I think Lake Geneva is in Wisconsin. So I'm not sure if we're talking about the same place. Sadly, that'd mean we couldn't prestalk each other.

Or were you prestalking my sister? She's pretty hot, too.

mamazilla said...

actually, i was prestalking your sister's boyfriend's prestalker. THAT is one FINE specimen of the human female.


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