Thursday, August 02, 2012

Lindy hop Challenge - Day 2

my favorite place to dance....

i'm not sure how to answer this question - my favorite place to dance now? or like EVAR!?  i hate to sound wishy washy but i really do have many favorite places to dance.

currently, i have two favorite places to dance in chicago -

1) swing dancing at fizz (full disclosure, i work there part time) - i feel the most at home here...  almost too homey though...  i often find i chatty face here more than dance sometimes.  :)

2)  black rock -  i enjoy going to black rock because it's a lovely space, very comfortable and very familiar in that old chicago bar sense...  the crew of staff & regulars are really laid back and casual.  i feel a certain amount of duty/responsibility at swing at fizz because i'm also staff.  so, it's nice to have black rock to run to if i didn't get my dance on at fizz....

in san francisco,  my favorite place to dance has always been -

1) lindy in the park - it's moved from it's original location at the bandshell (see below), but it's still hella fun.  :)

however, when they were still open - The Doghouse - where i also taught with chad kubo and jason christodoulou.

and spencer's joint at dna lounge - we're also considered my homes away from home.

last but certainly not least...  the casino ballroom on catalina island....  where all kinds of magic happen...  not to mention - OLAFS!!!

which reminds me...  have you pinned your "best spot to lindy hop in the US" yet?

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