Wednesday, August 01, 2012

30 Day Lindy Hop Challenge

I saw this 30 day blog challenge on the vernacular jazz dance blog - it's 30 days of lindy hop blogging.  I'm going to *try* this challenge even though i've failed miserably at so many challenges...  it may not seem like it, but i do enjoy blogging so this is my meager effort to keep trying to blog...  :)  I like the questions on this challenge and  I think it can be edited to fit other hobbies...  ok, wish me luck, here goes nothing...  :)

1)  What got you started in lindy hop?

The desire to meet new people in a new city.

When I moved to San Francisco in 1995, I only knew three people - a dear friend and former fashion dept classmate of mine - Steven, his roomate - Sam and a close friend (of my former boyfriend) - Christian.  I was so lucky to have those three yahoos in my life - they were my family away from family...

Most of my daily life was spent with my roomates, Steven & Sam and their three cats - Monster, Buttons & Frisbee.  Christian and I bonded early on by our love of vintage clothing, music, furnishings, ephemera, etc...  We often walked over to Club Deluxe in the upper haight to drink, listen to music, drink more and street swing:

at one point, I was in between garment industry jobs and met another temp who was a student of paul and sharon's at the metronome ballroom. we decided to meet after work at a new club that opened called the hi-ball:


 when i watched my co-worker endlessly lindy hop with many leads, i was equal amounts jealous and inspired - and i wanted to take classes from paul and sharon too.

 so thanks, angela for leading me to paul and sharon... and thanks, paul & sharon for teaching and guiding me all those many years ago.... :)

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