Wednesday, January 11, 2012

work that skirt - restyle #2

contrary to what i post here... i really do wear skirts, i don't restyle every single one i find... :)

but every once in a while, a really lovely skirt will end up in my "well, that was an unfortunate purchase" pile... this one had been sitting there for a very very long time:

it's a really cute corduroy skirt, labelled "polli says...", perfect for the fall... it's slightly big and i'm too lazy to take it in... with all the beading it would take some time & effort that i haven't had the ability to schedule in... also, the beading was always hidden by whatever i was wearing because i don't usually wear anything that shows my waist...

thankfully, i saw this courduroy pant into bag restyle on refashion co-op blog.

i immediately thought of my skirt... :) i bought some plain army green webbing/cotton belting at the fabric store. then, i sewed some decorative ribbon on each strap...

i cut off about 7" from around the hem of the skirt, sewed that seam, along with two corner seams for a good four inch bottom...

love my new tote! :)

thanks for coming by & reading! hope you're having a relaxing wednesday!

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