Friday, June 17, 2011

friday dance: happy early fathers (ricedaddies) day!

you're thinking that i'm thinking of these ricedaddies. and i am... *warmfuzzies* :)

of course, i'm also thinking of my own ricedaddy and my babyricedaddy... :) lovelovelovelovelove...

but, honestly? *pause*

i'm totally OBSESSED with the recent kdrama, The Greatest Love and its insanely handsome ricedaddy star, Cha Seung Won... *shivers* *batsbedroomeyes* *fansself*

*ahem* i decided to post my list/pics of my fave celebrity ricedaddies... admittedly, this post is really for my lumpia, sushi, satay, dimsum, kimchi mamas - but, whatever... hee hee hee...

happy early ricedaddies day! :) anytime any of these dads want a playdate - my schedule is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY open...

Cha Seung Won - really? do i need to comment?? just gaze. and SAVOR. :) *SQUEE*

John Cho - oh mark chao, even though you broke my heart back in 1998, you're still one o' my faves... :)

Yul Kwon - the only reason i watched Survivor - what year was that anyway??

Russell Wong - ok, i'll admit it - i LOVED the joy luck club - i cried my eyes out for YEARS every time i saw it... so here, you can take my filipina activist card... oh russell, for MONTHS i giggled whenever i saw a watermelon... :)

Ken Watanabe - still amazes me that i saw him in tampopo so long ago and then finally saw him again in the last samurai... what up with that?? where the heck was i and what was i doing?? (btw - his son, Dai Watanabe, is a hottie AND another ricedaddy too!!!)

Koji Yakusho - how do you want those eggs?? (hee hee, i actually loved him more in shall we dance? and saw him most recently in 13 assassins...)

Hines Ward - he dedicated his samba to his kimchi mama!! *swoon*

Alec Mapa - the first time i saw alec was on dharma & greg.... hilarious! and he's still hilarious

Ken Jeong - what's not to love about ken? he's funny, informative and sensitive... meow, seksi!


Tomoya Okazaki - my favorite anime dad from Clannad After Story (he wasn't present/great, but still.... *sniffle* crying again....)

Jin Soo Kwon (Daniel Dae Kim) - my fave tv ricedaddy - TOTALLY COUNTS!!!!

and last but NOT LEAST - my fave father's day video - DAD LIFE

ORNAMENTAL TURTLE! YO! Hope all the Dads (rice & otherwise) have quiet & relaxing Fathers Days!!! :)

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