Thursday, May 05, 2011

friday dance: yo mama's edition ;)

^^ me and my moms (hrh queen o' the improv interpretive line dance herself) , the paloma and my sister on her wedding day... :)

ok. so i think i post this every year... no surprise there - it's a fave... apl de ap's mama filipina :)

i've been feeling all kinds of nostalgic this week so i'll throw in this "oldie" from boyz to men (zomg... i LOVED them... no wonder i love the sing off) this version from elevate and this one by legaci are so nice too! :)

how could i not... :)

and since they were on the same awesome soundtrack and it IS friday dance... the ladies of total w/ missy elliot:

happy friday! and happy mother's day to my moms, my moms in law, all the moms - so lucky to have you in my life as inspiration, support, comic relief and co-conspirators!!!! :)

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