Friday, May 20, 2011

friday dance - tic tic tic tic toc

early last month, i checked out two films at the asian american showcase at the gene siskel film center hosted by FAAIM : Saigon Electric and One Big Hapa Family. i loved both movies and hope to elaborate on them in separate posts - if a screening pops up near you - GO. SEE. THEM.

after the screening of saigon electric, rasaka theatre performed a short hilarioius spoof of bollywood films... and it occurred to me that i really don't know much music by desi artists... but the more i hear it, the more i want to hear... i'm definitely going to do more research! :)

ever since i was a little kid and saw my first bollywood movie at my friend saba's house, i have always been totally enchanted by the whimsy and drama of desi films and music.... i was reminded of those late 70s days when they showed this clip of jaan pehechaan ho in ghost world:

a year before the paloma was born, a co-worker turned me on to cornershop:

the week after i found out i was preggers w/ porkchop, i flew down to florida for (a mind blowing three weeks) a writing residency with jessica hagedorn (who has a new book out btw)and 7 other (way more accomplished) writers. one of my fellow residents and now friends, mia, introduced me to the music of M.I.A. one of my fave tracks is her remix of busy signal's tic toc:

i found some sweeeeet choreography done by ellen kim:

lastly, anoop desai released some tracks for free and two of them have been looping on my ipod lately:

ennyhoo... happy friday everybody!!! :)

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