Friday, January 07, 2011

friday dance: hypnotic edition

i was just perusing our cd collection for music to sew with and found this one:

i bought this from a street band that i loved and used to play all over chicago's downtown including my old hood, the south loop. so i was wondering whatever happened to them and i think i found them. i think they're now the hypnotic brass ensemble. they've toured all over the place and accompanied the gorillaz, snoop dog, mos def and this band, golden silvers:

catchy, no? so proud and excited for them... they're so talented! :) sad that they moved away from chicago though:

ennyhoo... so as i mentioned above, i'm sewing... i decided to jump on the Project Restyle bandwagon. i have to thank my friends @nuprinz and @snora88 for planting the seed. they had originally brought up a similar idea to me. but it seemed pretty daunting. glutton for punishment that i am, i'm going to do it anyway... :) wish me luck!

thanks for coming by! happy friday! stay warm fellow midwesterners!

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michelle clark-mccrary said...

I love how the CD cover photo is retro. One of my favorite record stores in the world is in Chicago. Dusty Groove. I'm obsessed with them. I always find the best music there.

Geraly said...

michelle - i love that record stores are making a comeback... :)not that i have $ or room to add to my dusty vinyl collection. or a turntable to play them! :)

Anonymous said...

‘Stylish Blogger Award’

I recently received the above award, which made me feel fantastic. Part of the package entails spreading the Blog Love onto your favourite bloggers & that is YOU…Thank you for sharing all of your fun insights & sewing genius with us!!!


Geraly said...

sewing daisies - awww!!! thank you so much!!! i'm feelin' the fantastic! will definitely spread the "stylish blogger" love!


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