Tuesday, September 28, 2010

tooth fairy fail. and WIN!

before we go any further... if you're a tooth fairy non-believer, do yourself a favor and don't read the rest of this post... :) don't say i didn't warn you!

ennyhoo... as i mentioned earlier, i've been perusing martha stewart's encyclopedia of sewing and fabric crafts.

one of the many crafts/gifts that caught my eye is a cute tooth pillow... it's a little square pillow w/ a pocket where you can store the tooth for the tooth fairy...

well, paloma is waist deep in the "loose tooth" age... and so, of course, i started to make the pillow... however while i was sewing it up, she wiggled another tooth loose...

thankfully, i finished up the pillow in time for bed last night (click to enlarge thumbnails):

we went thru our nighttime routines and fell asleep w/ visions of teeth and fairies dancing in our heads...

this morning, i went into paloma's room to wake her for school. she was already awake. AND CRYING MISERABLY... clutching the pillow... and the tooth... (!!)

"Mommy, the tooth fairy never came!!!" she cried. (O_o)

i was SHOCKED!!! (O_o) i mean what the h*ll kind of tooth fairy doesn't pick up a loose tooth!!!??? and after it was placed in such a beautiful holder and all.... what could possibly delay her/him!!?? what does she/he do all day anyway!!?? and why is there no tooth fairy customer service/complaint line??!!


paloma was SO upset... she even wrote the tooth fairy a letter in case she showed up (slacker...):

before she walked out the door to walk to school w/ the thin man, she hugged me tight and whispered, "i really hope the tooth fairy comes. i hope i didn't do something wrong."


hours passed.... i picked up paloma and porkchop from school. porkchop ran to paloma's room and of course, i followed because very rarely does something good come of him playing in her room... i shooed him out of her room and noticed a LOT of glitter scattered on the floor... i called to both of them to clean it up... they bounded down the hallway...

"what glitter?" they said.

"the glitter that you guys scattered all over the room... please stop doing crafts in your bedrooms you guys. paloma, i also want you to make your bed please." i replied.

the paloma looked completely confused but started to make her bed anyway... and she found this under her pillow:

there was some money inside the pillow pocket and a beautiful unicorn toy sitting next to it!!!

the note reads (click to enlarge):

we couldn't believe it!!! there was even a trail of fairy glitter from the windowsill to paloma's bed:

in closing, she went to bed very very happy tonight... as will i... tooth fairy, we'll never doubt you again... hope your wing is healing up quickly! :)

thank you for coming by and reading...



seyeRcirE said...

TOO CUTE!!! what creativity! i wouldn't expect anything less from "your" tooth fairy!

such great memories you are creating for you and your family!

much love,


Steven said...

Congratulations! Be sure to catch the Tooth Fairy in the act for FREE! The perfect Tooth Fairy keepsake photo:


Andrea said...

LOL- awe poor Paloma. Did she pull her teeth after you went to bed? I love the idea about the glitter, and that pillow is very cute!

netarc said...

well done, nice save :)

S. Mann said...

So.... um.... where did the tooth fairy stash her word processor & printer? :o)

Geraly Unite-O'Day said...

ejr - i almost told paloma that the tooth fairy was on filipino time. ;)

andrea - the paloma did all the right things on time... unlike the tooth fairy... O_o

netarc - thanks!

smanny - what? are you comparing the tooth fairy's perfect penmanship to that of a printer??!! blasphemer!!!

Mary Pustejovsky said...

Wow. Your tooth fairy is pretty awesome.


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