Tuesday, June 22, 2010

fox on the run...

i've known my friend, flahute, for over a decade now... and he is one of my beloved friends.... :) after seeing the raccoon i made, he requested i make a fox to add to his collection:

i started with a sketch (click on images to enlarge):

i developed a pattern and cut her (him?) out of felt:

i embroidered her (his?) nose and mouth and topstitched his stripes and socks:

i sewed her (him?) up, sewed/stuffed up her (his?) tail, sewed it into the back:

then, stuffed the rest of her (him?) up:

and here she (he?) is all finished:

it was such a pleasure making little fox/ i'm so happy that she (he?) is done. mostly because while i was making little fox, i couldn't get this song OUT OT MY HEAD:

hope you like little fox... thanks for stopping by!


flahute said...

Yay, Foxy!!! Can't wait!

Barb in Mi said...

Wahoooo - congrats to winning the sew-mam-sew challenge!!

Geraly Unite-O'Day said...

flahute - so glad that you and fox are together at last... :)

barb in MI - thank you!!! :)


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