Thursday, June 10, 2010


back in october of 2005, i witnessed the white sox win the world series on the south side of the city... for this cradle north side chicagoan, it was an awesome sight to behold and i was SO happy for my southside neighbors and die hard sox fans....

last night, i watched as the blackhawks brought that same euphoria to their fans and this city that i love SO much... ACK!!!! so happy for you, chicago!!! you were really loud (fireworks, car horns, screaming) and totally obnoxious (helicopters and mosh pits? really?) and thankfully, you remained giddy and happy when ultimately FUBAR...

thank you, blackhawks! congrats on a great season and the stanley cup!!! (please don't leave it at a truck stop or urinate in it by mistake.) :)

in the event you missed it:

and well... i HAVE to play "the song" as well... :)

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