Monday, February 01, 2010

...for the little girl who lives down the (peruvian) lane...

my laptop was returned to me finally, repaired and functioning, over the weekend... there was much rejoicing in the 'zilla house! :)

in the meantime, i finished three more lamb drawings for my friend who is moving her family to peru. i believe the first lamb and the singular, curly lamb (standing in the snow) below are making their way to peru as i type...

speedy, safe, happy and healthy travels to you, bokumbop! can't wait to hear about you, J, T & L and your peruvian conquests!

click on images below to enlarge:


Andrea said...

your post on my site about my little girl's possible hygroma made me cry when I got to the part about you feeling bad for your Mom. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me, it's comforting to hear from an adult who has lived with CH. All I can find has been on children, and most of which are horror stories. :-P I'm staying positive and really I was more concerned with the possibility of her having turner's. And not even having turner's that I was concerned about but not being able to have children when she gets older. I worry too much.ha ha

thank you again!

Geraly Unite-O'Day said...

andrea - thanks so much for coming by! i'm never sure if it's a good idea to leave a comment like mine on a post like yours... i always have the best intentions, but am never sure that it's interpreted that way... and i'm sorry i made you tear up! :)

of course you (and i) worry too much - you're a mom... it's in the job description, right after glorified butt wiper and before human burp rag! :)


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