Wednesday, May 07, 2008

what i did during my (increasingly recurrent) blogging hiatus(es)...

* auditioned as a dance extra in a johnny depp / christian bale film shooting in chicago now called public enemies. (i didn't make it but the thin man did!)

* celebrated my 36th year on earth in vegas w/ a posse of my girls... where i got carded at social house! woo-hoo! and still caught my flight despite daylight savings time! BONUS!

* had our bedroom and entryways painted - by the slowest painting crew known to man. got trapped indoors because of inclement weather. and then, went bankrupt. and contemplated murdering painting crew and then suicide.

* immediately after painting mayhem, JUST BARELY survived another grueling spring break with the paloma and the porkchop. it was like a scene out of lord of the flies up in here people...

* watched cars and polar express with the porkchop at least once a day.

* thought up a GAZEEEEEEEELION craft ideas to entertain the paloma.

* went to our local public library with terrible tantrumming two yo at least once every week.

* shopped for fabric and sewed up a bunch of dresses and costumes as gifts for the paloma, friends and family.

* got to hang wid my sistah filipina moms bloggers - gena and mj- more wimmins i wannabees when i grows up....

* visited my chiropractor and my hair salon and my ob/gyn in an effort to get into the shower more than once a month.

* missed any and all easter holidays... bad catholic!! BAD catholic!!!

* interviewed a handful of potential babysitters so that the thin man and i could actually get a date night in a week. found mary poppins was available. SO. NOT. KIDDING. very excited!!!

* hosted a jewelry trunk show/party for one of my oldest and dearest grrlfriends, eva rios.

* got terminally obsessed, depressed and over ate desserts over the paloma ( who incidentally HATES ME! WANTS TO KILL ME! and HOPES THAT I WILL DIE!) possibly having non verbal learning disorder (just like i did this same time, last year....)

still over eating. as i type.

suffice to say the winter was bad for me.
the spring didn't start so great either.

but i'm ok and hangin' in there. slowly coming out of hiding... kinda like the butterflies i'm seeing more and more of...

i've missed blogging and commenting and reading your comments and posts.

but, i think i'm ready to play catch up.

tag. you're it. :)


Rachel said...

Glad to see you posting again.

Nothing worse than a library tantrum, eh?

mamazilla said...

rachel - thanks! :) the only thing worse than a two yo tantrum is a five yo tantrum.

and we still get plenty of those too. :{

Carrie said...

You know, I believe I have a non-verbal learning disorder but they probably did not have a name for this when i was growing up. Look at me, though. Fine, right? Right?

Um, right?

She's a great kid, has great parents, and even if she does have some kind of challenge here or there, she'll be fine. :-)

bokumbop said...

I've also been in deep blue funk mode for, oh I don't know, over a year now??? And gettin' fatter by the minute, which I'm going to do something about. Soon.

Happy b-day to the Paloma. That dress is gorgeous. Hope we can get the kids together to play this summer.

mamazilla said...

carrie - you are oodles better than just fine. :) and after reading about that many nld kids grow up to be (or have parents that are) attorneys and engineers... i also wonder if the thin man or myself (my parents are both engineers) have nld tendencies... i just have toget over that i need help with this stuff. i have a REEEEEEEALLY hard time asking and accepting help.

bokumbop - we need to talk, sistah! and release each other from our respective funktitudes! :) and i can't believe we're coming up on a year of last seeing each other... that's a no-no! ;)

Puglet said...

I love you. Even if you do make fun of my intestinal parasites.


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