Wednesday, May 14, 2008

perspective from a bridge...

just an fyi - i have a new post up at filipina moms titled, "perspective from a bridge", about how i feebly manage to educate the kids about their filipino heritage... hope you like it. :)

btw - i had these really grand and delusional plans to publish another post (in addition to the filipina moms post) about today's adventures in potty training the porkchop... but after jumping (and jumping and jumping) in rain puddles (while walking for miiiiiiiiiiiles in search of aforementioned puddles) early this morning.... and then jumping into potty training.... and then trying to make dinner from a totally new recipe with a totally new grill pan, while simultaneously training the failing and fountainous, but smiley and jolly porkchop....

*waving white flag*

me tired. me go bed now.

fire bad. tree pretty. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....


Tangerine said...

Hi Mamazilla! I'm so happy to stumble into your blog. I am also Filipina and I live in the Philippines. Kamusta kayo dyan?

I think you're doing a great job in educating your child about our heritage. So happy to see fellow Filipinos in the blogosphere. :)

Carrie said...

Mamazilla, are you ever coming back??

MONKEYfightingSTYLE said...

I miss you woman and I LOVED reading your "Perspective From a Bridge" entry! You are an inspiration to other Pilipina mamas- fo'real!
I was so inspired that I forwarded the link to your entry to the new Pilipina mamas en mi familia!!

anyhoo, wassuper witchoo?
xo, Mia

mamazilla said...

tangerine - mabuti! my youngest sister lives with my dad and her husband in quezon city and my oldest lives near bicol. thanks for the compliments and the support and for visiting my blog!

carrie - unlike your angelic children, my children prefer to tie me up and throw me in random closets... so, i often find myself without an internet connecion... that's why i started twittering... see sidebar. still alive... will post as often as i can - i promise!!!

monkeyfightingstyle - what's up with me? what's up with you?! you didn't even respond to the aca anniversary email! :) i'm glad you liked my post... we'll be out your way this christmas... maybe we can grab some adobo together in p-town? :)


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