Wednesday, January 16, 2008

say hello, loopita.

"hello loopita." she says.

yesserday... while i was finishing sewing up loopita's tail... the paloma looks at me (see HUGE blinking lightbulb over her head) and says, "MOM! when you grown up YOU could be a TOYMAKER! JUST. LIKE. *insert pregnant pause* SANTA!"

to which i should have responded, "child, who do you think taught santa how to shimmy down the chimney?"


Daisy said...

Oh, isn't it true that we moms often think of the best comments after the fact? I like the idea that she doesn't think you're grown up yet!

Irene said...

If you're going to be Santa, then I need to give you my list now. Can you find me some sanity?!?!

Angela said...

Wow, no greater compliment from a child than that one! I really admire your artistic and crafting abilities, why can't you live in Toronto, I would make you host crafting sessions for my children as they are so deprived as my artistic ability is less than zero.

mamazilla said...

daisy - when i realized that she didn't think i was a grown up yet, i though - GREAT! i'm so youthful! but now, i really think i'm just stunted, growth challenged perhaps...

irene - if i did become santa, which is highly unlikely, i doubt i could find anyone some sanity - that would be mrs. claus' job. :)

angela - if i ever make it to toronto, i promise i will come over and make crafts! and you too will discover your inner crafter! :)


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